Pastors & Church Leaders Training Programme

Purpose Of Programme?
Who Is It For?
This course is for new or established Pastors and church leaders who want to receive specific training that will enable them succeed in their calling.
The course is designed to equip them for developing, growing, building, and leading churches effectively.
Duration One year, with monthly training sessions each covering a different topic
Examples Of Topics covered
  • Leadership and management skills training
  • Being a shepherd and what that really means
  • How to select and appoint people for positions in the church
  • How to hear from God
  • What makes a good Pastor?
  • Walking in the supernatural
  • Building high performing teams.
  • How to manage and grow your people. How to motivate and inspire them.
  • How to establish the church in righteousness
  • Evangelism and soul winning strategies and tactics
  • Topical issues of the day and what is our position on them eg abortion, gay marriage, women in ministr
  • Marketing and church promotion – how to raise the profile of your church and increase membership
  • Income generation and fundraising strategies
  • Branding for you personally and for your ministry
  • Preaching skills
  • Teaching skills
  • How to impact the local community and touch the people around you
  • How to resolve conflicts in the church
  • How to effectively deal with a crisis
  • Setting up church structures and procedures
  • How to organise conferences and crusades
  • How to build your profile as a Minister
  • Television and radio skills training
  • Church finances
  • How to handle discipline in the church
  • Politics and the church
  • The characteristics of a good church
  • And many other issues and topics as directed and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Learning Process Training is delivered using a combination of live and recorded sessions over the internet, written course notes, assignments, plus private one-to-one sessions with Ewan Denny to address their specific concerns or issues.
Start Date January 2021. Thereafter, new students can join at the start of each calendar month
What Students Get
  • Written course materials and teachings
  • Monthly live or recorded training in our on-line classroom
  • A reading plan based on the curriculum, to widen your knowledge
  • Personalised one-to-one tuition and mentoring by Ewan Denny
  • A signed Certificate after successful completion of the programme
Cost Of Course £10 per month (About 13 US dollars)
How To EnrolBy completing the course application form and returning it to with your payment
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