Bible Teaching & Business Skills Training

Length Of CourseOne week
Purpose Of Course
Who Is It For?
This course is designed specifically for Pastors, church leaders and Christians who want to receive solid Bible teaching, and at the same time get training on business skills, and how to set up and run a business successfully, so that they can generate income and finance themselves, their families, and their ministries.
Learning ProcessTraining is delivered to groups of people in any country in the world, over the course of 5 days
Start DateAs and when there are sufficient numbers of people in one country
What Students Get
  • Three full days of Bible teaching
  • Two full days of business and marketing training
  • Written course materials
  • A Bible teaching CD
  • A signed Certificate after successful completion of the programme
Cost Of Course£175 (About 216 US dollars)
How To EnrolBy completing the course application form and returning it to with your payment
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