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Rhema Bible School

Rhema Bible School is a Christian ministry based in the UK, that is dedicated to the teaching and training of believers and church leaders around the world, in the truth of God’s Word, and preparing them for living an overcoming life as an Ambassador for Christ, and fulfilling their ministerial call, if they are called to such service.

The whole philosophy and concept of the Ministry is to teach the Bible in a clear and direct way that not only imparts truth and the correct understanding of the Word of God, but which also motivates and inspires the believer to be serious about its application in their own personal lives.

The comprehensive teaching will take you on an exciting journey through the entire Bible, and it will cover all the major topics and themes, the stories, the facts, the history etc, and behind it all, what the Holy Spirit was actually saying through the various writers.  If you are serious about knowing more about the Bible and want to find out its truths and how to please God, then these training programmes are for you.

Rhema Bible School does not offer university level courses – so no degrees, Masters, or PhD’s.  We offer Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses and these are not academic, and they do not lead to formal qualifications.  We do not teach theology either.  Our courses are purely for people who want a deep understanding of the Bible and want to know the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.  We believe that the entire 66 books of the Bible is God’s Word and we teach that in sincerity and in truth.

Our Founder

Dr Ewan Denny, the Founder and Chief Executive of Rhema Bible School, says “I am often asked about what I believe and do I have a statement of faith.  The truth is that I do not subscribe to being a member of any denomination as I refuse to be pidgeon-holed into any such category.  When a person is a member of a denomination, he/she sees everything through the lens of that denomination. This limits divine revelation because that person becomes blinkered, limited, and believes that what they have is the ”truth” whilst other denominations are not as good as their one.

Denominations came out of the Protestant Reformation in the 1600’s and my beliefs are not shaped by what happened during and after that period in history.  My beliefs are shaped by the original truth of the Gospel.  In other words, my faith is built upon the foundation of the Apostles, and prophets, with Christ himself being the Chief Cornerstone.  So if you want a statement of faith from me, I will refer you to the Bible, the whole counsel of God, and say read that, for that is my statement of faith.  That is what I believe.

If you read the Book of Acts or any book in the New Testament, you will not find the name of any Christian denomination.  The believers were simply followers of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Saviour.  I am one of them – a follower of Jesus Christ, who is my soon-coming King.”

Ewan Denny
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